Chrome Knurling

The chrome plated handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable feel in any grip style. The knurling on this premium dumbbell has been designed to prevent slippage and help you achieve a firm grip so you can get the most from your workout in safety.

Practical Hexagonal Design

Due to their hexagonal shape, the Fit-x Rubber Hex Dumbbells do not roll away when placed on the ground. Ideal for home cross training sessions where multiple equipment is in use or when used on uneven surfaces.


Allows for unilateral training ensuring both limbs do the same amount of work. Dumbells challenges your muscles to force your blood to pump stronger, boosting oxygen and nutrient flow in your body.

Tough Rubber Coating

The heavy duty, rubber encased heads limit wear and tear to the dumbbells making them highly durable. The rubber coating makes the dumbbells quiet when placed on the floor helping reduce noise and protecting your workout surface.

Press-Up Support

Thanks to their hexagonal shape, which prevents unwanted movement, The Fit-x Rubber Hex Dumbbells can be used as a practical press-up support tool. By using the dumbbells in this manner, you reduce the strain on both wrist and elbow joints, while creating greater focus on your chest and tricep muscles to optimise endurance and results.

Safe and Convenient

Many exercises are safer when performed with dumbbells. Adult, kids and even the elderly can perform dumbbell exercises without any problems, just be mindful of any safety uses before listing.


Fit-X Hexagonal Dumbell Set(45KG)


Fit-X Hexagonal Dumbell Set (45KG)


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Order online and only pay us when we deliver exactly what we have promised. 100% risk free and satisfaction guaranteed


Order online and only pay us when we deliver exactly what we have promised. 100% risk free and satisfaction guaranteed

What Our Customers Are Saying

The pair of weights arrived timely and without damage.. They feel comfortable in the hand and I am very happy with my purchase.
Charles Awudu
The dumbells were everything and more as was described in the product information. I bought them to use at my vacation home. The dumbells were exactly what I wanted. Yay..
Olivia Dankwah
I've been building my home gym since the shutdown in 2020 - I haven't felt safe enough to go back to my old Gym. These dumbells are honestly just as good as any of the weights my former gym had, and I'd be happy to get more of the same to fill out my collection. They're solid and well-made, with grippy handles and PVC-coated hexagonal heads that won't make noise, leave marks or roll when you put them down.
Freddie Amartey
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Yes, of course it will. You just have to be consistent in your daily workout routines

The Fit-X Hexagonal Dumbell set is sold in Pairs(2 pieces)

We Operate a pay on delivery service, so yes, you can pay on Delivery.

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We have so much confidence in the quality of this product and the result its has produced. If you don’t see great results within 30 days of using this product, we would give you your money no questions asked.

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